Olympique Lyonnais vs. Arsenal | UEFA Women's Champions League 2022-23 Matchday 1 Livestream

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Olympique Lyonnais vs. Arsenal — UEFA Women’s Champions League Group Stage Matchday 1 Livestream | October 19, 2022

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46 comentarios en “Olympique Lyonnais vs. Arsenal | UEFA Women's Champions League 2022-23 Matchday 1 Livestream

  1. Uda S

    Kim, Mead and Leah are the players that always lift up this Arsenal team from last season. Without one of them, we will crumble. Other players have on-and-off performances but these 3 players always play above average. Especially Viv… she is not the same player she used to be when under Montemurro. But we need her because she is special. She can make a difference when things are getting tough.

  2. Uda S

    One thing I see Arsenal played differently today is that we were so energetic and motivated. We press and press every Lyon player when they receive the ball. And we moved fast forward, especially the final two third, and the best I haven't seen us play like it was we were very aggressive. I was laughing we pushed many times the Lyon players down to the ground when both were running side by side going for the ball. This is what I want from Arsenal since last season. I don't like we were soft when playing in the Champions League. We got to be tough. Let the opponent scare us. What do these girls eat in France???? They keep running for 90 minutes without being tired.

  3. Nathan Nix

    Tried to watch the replay of this, but there’s an ad literally every 5 minutes. Made it to the 35-minute mark before giving up.

  4. Sha Grrr

    Arsenal moving mad as a club in general at the moment, the men’s team are starting to perform and the ladies are reaching elite European status….. very impressive

  5. Michael Levitschnig

    Hello Manuela Zinsberger parabens happy Birthday ❤️ herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag war gestern wird aber auch heute gefeiert…glg Michel

  6. truegunner

    So many times in recent history Arsenal were not allowed to play their game by opponents. But kudos to Jonas to strengthen our spine to enable the team to wrestle possession back for us to go forward. Lyon could not knock us out for any length of time to stop us play our game even though they tired their best.

  7. Archduchy of Austria

    They played better without Miedema moaning, throwing her hands up in the air constantly and demanding the ball all the time.

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