Barcelona vs. Olympique Lyonnais | UEFA Women's Champions League Final 2022 Full Match

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Barcelona vs. Olympique Lyonnais — UEFA Women’s Champions League Final 2022 Livestream | May 21, 2022

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22 comentarios en “Barcelona vs. Olympique Lyonnais | UEFA Women's Champions League Final 2022 Full Match

  1. Courtney Wissler

    It blows my mind that Carpenter clearly told the medical team that her acl was torn but they encouraged her to keep playing. What a bunch of morons.

  2. litogor

    What I personally felt by the commentators:
    —> before the match "Waoww Barcelona are an exceptional and totally unbeatable team that will crush Lyon!"
    —> after the match "Ok ok Lyon have won 6 of the last 7 Champions League and they really are the best team in the world and we are circus specialists…?"

  3. Mujahid

    Wow tendangannya mantap lion .ini yang aku suka permainan Eropa,kerja sama,akurat,penuh perencanaan.enak ditonton.ndak ngawor

  4. Allan Lindh

    Pleases note people that two great American players, Linsey Horan and Macario start, and play a central role for Lyon. If UEFA wanted a real contest, they would invite a couple of the best US teams,

  5. Trâm Anh 05 Phạm Thái

    Even though the girls of Barca lost, they still respected the medals they were wearing, not taking them off like anyone else because they lost :)))))

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