Paris St Germain (6) – (5) Olympique Lyonnais – Coupe de La Ligue – FINAL

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41 comentarios en “Paris St Germain (6) – (5) Olympique Lyonnais – Coupe de La Ligue – FINAL

  1. Kratos of Sparta

    PSG could have been the only team in history to win 7 titles in a single season. Ligue 1, Coupe De France, Coupe De La Ligue, Trophee Des Champions, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup but the Coupe De La Ligue has been suspended

  2. Astro Bomber

    Question. Was Neymar at the post game Trophy celebration? He always seems to be absent in those everytime PSG wins the league title!

  3. Pascal-Ricky N. Mikulu

    Neymar is a great player but the problem with him is that he likes proving the point, like he wants to prove something that he is good player, he likes forcing thing and starts making mistakes.

  4. Rene Argueta

    Todo iba Bien, hasta que Keylor se pinto el pelo Horrible….

    Pero Digno representante de Centroamérica Grande Keylor, Pura Vida de un Salvadoreño.

  5. Mouthfullofpeepee Jr

    Still don't understand why lopes isn't starting for Portugal yes patricio is good but I still thing lopes is better

  6. Francois Vignon

    Lopes est si bon dans le jeu, il a des plongeons super athletiques, on s'attendrait qu'il soit excellent aux penos? J'ai l'impression qu'il part toujours en avance. Aussi, souvent il n'est pas sur sa ligne… Bon match, j'aurais voulu finalement voir Lyon gagner finalement un trophee mais… c'est la vie.

  7. carol gruber

    These Bein sports commentators, including that verbose female pundit, must be Mbappi's family members. Mbappi is PSG "star" player they keep saying, what ridiculous twaddle. It is Neymar why PSG are in Cl 1/4 final and it will not Mr. Mbappi presence if they advance. Case closed!!!!!

  8. Set Pul

    Only if Mbappe play they dont need to go Extra time lol- easily PSG 3 ❤️ Navas been top class since madrid ❤️

  9. mr. potato

    Players like navas, davies and jimenez represent CONCACAF and make us proud. The “future of soccer” players like pulisic and Lozano are the prime example of what not to be. Pulisic is getting there but Lozano is just terrible. He needs to go to a club that NEEDS him, he’s wasting his time in Napoli

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