L'entretien avec Ellie Carpenter | Olympique Lyonnais

Son enfance en Australie, ses débuts dans le football, l’arrêt de l’école, la sélection australienne, ses débuts avec l’OL, ses rêves, Ellie Carpenter s’est livrée dans notre entretien !

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8 comentarios en “L'entretien avec Ellie Carpenter | Olympique Lyonnais

  1. John Huisman

    good luck Ellie with your new team Lyon , the focus has been so much on Sam , but your not forgotten your a huge part of the players outside australia and all of you are doing so well end getting the experience you all require to excel your careers . All of the aussie players are bringing something to there new clubs and that is making the teams of where the are .Cant wait to see you back in the Matildas , wont be long now , you are a powerful player with plenty of energy , go well go hard and good luck with Lyon . cheers from oz

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