WE'VE GOT GEORGE MONCUR! | Wycombe 1-3 Luton Town – Championship 20/21 | Match Reaction

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WE’VE GOT GEORGE MONCUR! | Wycombe 1-3 Luton Town – Championship 20/21 | Match Reaction

In today’s video we go over my thoughts on Luton’s 3-1 win over Wycombe! Who was your MOTM? Get them in the video comments down below!

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  • Good win and a confidence boost. Amazing what happens when Moncur and Lua Lua are actually let out on the pitch.!…Will be interesting who goes and who is retained at end of season. Will be sad to see 'flair' players leave if this happens.

  • We had no midfield in the first half – poor team selection as usual from NJ, Berry gets in the team before Moncur or Morrel !! I thought that NJ would do his usual 85th minute substitution but he surprised us and brought on Moncur who scored man of the match at 8.1 on most apps compared to 6.4 for both Pelly and Berry. Lua Lua and Moncur should both come on in the second half in all games. Well done Luton.

  • The freestyle format is your strength don't do a NJ and go back to the old formation. Personally you are way better when you don't ask a question then answer it, just let your feelings, emotions and knowledge flow.

    As for the game you are spot on, bit tough on Naismith he has been a rock the last 4 games had a bit of an off day. We still need to get Morrell in the team, he with KDH will drive us forward.
    Adebayo and Collins both need to learn how to keep the ball low when shooting, but can't be too tough . Moncur and Lualua have scored some very important goals for us and do deserve more time.

  • Excellent video with solid points

  • First half, high ball rubbish. Was like being back in league 2. Don’t think Wycombe played particularly well. We played particularly badly. Second half: great substitutions and we kept the ball down. Immediate improvement. Cornick was superb on the wing with his crosses but his long throws went straight to their keeper. Like Moncur and Lualua but think they’re both impact subs. Just hope we can retain D-H for another season long loan

  • This game just proves that Moncur and Lua Lua should have been in the side long ago I don’t think NJ should take any credit for this game !!

  • the refs have got to start showing cards for faking injury and if the ref misses it then the FA should punish using video replay. that wycombe player went down holding his shin and got the foul, the replay shows that collins never made contact. also the wycombe player who went down and the ref would not allow him to get treatment unless he went off the pitch, suddenly he was fine to continue, card him for faking

  • We've got George moncur absolute super sub Jones got his subs bang on kaz moncur and cornick Watford at home next weekend big game better second half can we start playing good in the first half

  • Jones is petrified of starting 4-4-2 diamond at start but we always play well when we adopt it. Graham Jones best game 3-0against B City started with it. The squad is full of players that like it. Now that Sluga is playing well we can afford to adopt it more. Collins was not great but for all that Cotnick does well he does not have the same hunger for a goal. So for me needs to change that mentality to replace Collins next year. And why no Morrell Rea still seen as preferred to come on as sub what a waste

  • Good video Lewis. I thought this BBC quote would put a smile on your face…
    'Luton, who sit 13th, have gone 14 away matches without losing at Wycombe in the top four tiers – the best such record for any team in Football League history'.

  • Naismith had to go for the challenge. Thats what defenders do. If he had left it and they scored. Everyone would say why didn't he try and defend it. Even with the poor first half. We missed out our midfield. The midfielders on the pitch are good enough to string passes together surely. Collins was poor again. Cannot hold a ball up to save his life and his miss was terrible. The cracking goals though. So roll on Watford.

  • I would like to see shea come in

  • Very happ with the performance in the end. First half was poor but we dominated the second half and wycombe going down to 10 men gave us a huge advantage and for once jones made the right subs and they made an instant impact. Moncur must have finally proved to jones that he should be starting as he usually has a good game and gets himself a goal when he plays. And the same with lualua and was very happy to see adebayo get another goal. Defo should had about 2 penalties. Only negatives I have is collins missed more sitters. Pearson was poor once again and should be dropped and I think Morrell could leave as he didn't play again.

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